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Alcedo atthis,
Common kingfisher

Coracias garrulus,
European roller

Sylvia melanothorax,
Cyprus warbler

Lanius nubicus,
Masked shrike

Oenanthe cypiaca,
Cyprus wheatear

Merops apiaster,
European bee-eater

Expected Results

The expected results and outputs of the project are:

  • A change in forest management policy in Cyprus to incorporate conservation measures for avifauna of the forests.
  • Improvement of conservation status of 11 Annex I (Birds Directive) bird species in the three project sites which will be reflected in an increase of the number of nesting pairs of breeding species by at least 10% in the project sites.
  • Reduction by 30% of the average number of bird trapping/killing incidents recorded in the project sites, through strict enforcement of legislation, planned patrolling, and an effective awareness campaign and through limiting access to trapping sites.
  • Preparation of an integrated management plan for the Koshi site.
  • Assessment of population size and favorable reference values for all the targeted bird species, which are not available today.
  • Creation of 5 traditional agricultural fields with an area of 10.000 m2 in the 3 project sites, providing water, food, refuge and nesting places to bird species.
  • Installation of 200 nests, sowing of 30.000 m2 with cereals/legumes, establishment of 12 watering points, 2 rainwater collecting aprons, and construction of 350 m of stonewalls.
  • Construction of one weir in the driest of the project sites (Koshi) along the main gulley.
  • Removal of 6.000 trees/shrubs of alien/invasive species from Kavo Gkreko and Koshi.
  • Restoration of 6 ha of five (5) habitat types of Annex I (Habitats Directive) in the gaps created by the removal of alien species through planting of about 5.000 trees and shrubs and through releasing suppressed indigenous vegetation.
  • Implementing a large number of public awareness activities including the production of one documentary on birds, organization of bird-watching competitions among school children, workshops, educational excursions etc.

The long term sustainability of the project results will be ensured through the commitment of the competent authorities, the Department of Forests and the Game Fund, to continue implementation of project actions as will be prescribed in the After Life Conservation Plan (F.4). In addition, similar conservation measures will be introduced in other state forest areas, with emphasis in Natura 2000 sites (SPAs).


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